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Lefeka [leh-feykah]
Role: Follower
Age: 216 (approx. 21 on Earth) - slightly older than Vark
Species: Dragon
Race: Karmine (0W)
Classification: Follower - Negotiator
Physical Appearance: light orange scales; serpentine; 200cm tall; short horns; spine-webbed wings from back to tail
Unique Traits: broken right horn
Special Skills: inverted Rest
Planetary: Earth, ?, Rest
Hand: none
Personality: confident, vain
Strengths: family influence; high planetary energy concentration
Weaknesses: unknown
Family: parents, Ullizir [you-lih-zur] (brother - 217), Lefeka, Shilo [shee-loh] (brother - 216), Zerre [zeh-reh] (brother - 216), Vark [vark](216)
Companion: Ciaran
Lefeka followed in her parents' footsteps, just like all her siblings besides Vark. Her youngest brother left first, and all the others followed suit shortly after. They each set out alone to expand the Dark Dragon's reign. Lefeka traveled alone for almost eighty years, then decided to join a small group of Followers. A few years later they found Ciaran. Lefeka watched with the other Followers as he quickly ascended among the ranks, soon proving himself much stronger than any of the other Wevlynq and most of the Zethyl.
Lefeka and Ciaran finally came face to face when they were assigned to the same mission. It turned out that they worked very well together, and they were quickly partnered up. Lefeka believes they established their Companionship connection because they worked in a very similar manner. Their latest mission is a duo one, set in motion because she mentioned her family and that only one sibling had not joined.
Lefeka is a cunning Dragon. She's good at talking, convincing her targets to see things her way. That's why she's a negotiator for the Followers. She's had much experience in the ways of speech, and she's very confident of herself; however, she is vain. Common feelings from her include contempt and smugness. It doesn't help that her race of Dragon is tall, so she has to look down at (or on) people.

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