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Leanael [ley-ann-nah-elle] (the “ley” is somewhat a cross between “lay” and “lee” ); Nickname(s): Lea
Role: Main Character
Age: 23 (approx. 17 on Earth)
Species: Wevlynq
Clan: Arrow clan (Clan Arneth)
Race: half-felinoid
Classification: explorer
Physical Appearance: somewhat short; black-streak eartips; four black-streak sections on tail; other fur orange; brown hair; darker brown bangs; yellow eyes; white feathered wings
Clothing: lavender halter top with slash bottom edge; lavender capris
Unique Traits: weird-ish bangs
Special Skills: stronger with minor Elements than most
Planetary: Air, ?
Symbols: 10
Weapons: unknown
Hand: right; both for weapons
Personality: not easily offended; carefree
Strengths: speed; strong will
Weaknesses: sometimes judges too quickly; holds grudges for a long time
Family: Mareana [mair-ee-ann-ah] (mother), Tyad [tie-ad] (brother - 32), Leanael (23), Takanell [ta-kah-nell] (sister - 5), Ranni [ran-nee] (brother - 5)
Companion: none
Leanael lived a pretty average life. Besides that point when she was zapped off to Earth for half a year, she lived with her family in her Arrow Clan village without much hassle. She is the second child of her parents, and two follow after her. Her father was killed by a particularly fierce Follower, and her older brother took up his role, living in the village with their mother and the two younger siblings. Leanael is a good family member, looking up to her brother, helping her mother out, and being the kids' playmate when needed.
Leanael is efficient in speed. There's no beating her at a race in the air, and she can easily dodge anything (she knows is) coming her way. She uses several different throwing weapons. She's good at carrying out plans.
Leanael is fiercely proud of her heritage. She has learned to love what she has to live with. The Arrow clan and the Moon clan hold a strong rivalry, and she feels that particularly. She and her family are strong believers in the Maker and the various prophecies. The Dark Dragon goes against the wishes of the Maker, and that irks her. She tends to judge people too quickly, and that's not good when one holds grudges even after proven wrong. She stands for many things and thus has a very strong will. The poison Ciaran used on her attacks and slows the victim's mind, but hers is a strong one and won't go down without a good fight.

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