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Kenah is a new world. With a new world comes new terms, new ideas, new concepts. You may not be able to fully understand the character descriptions if you just look at them. So check here if you get confused.
Name [pro-nun-see-ay-shun]. Pronouncing Kenan words is sometimes difficult. Sometimes an English vowel may in fact be pronounced somewhat like a cross between two English vowels in Kenan. I'll make a note of that here. Note that these names sound way better in my head than when I pronounce them.
Role: This is the character's role in the story, for example main characters, pirates, ninjas, Followers, etc.
Age: Kenan ages are a bit confusing. If a Dragon is 103, then developmentally he or she will be about 10 on Earth. A 16-year-old Wevlynq would be a 12-year-old Earthling. I'll put both ages here for your convenience. Note that Kenans live longer on average than Earthlings.
Species: The three high species, or beings, on Kenah are Dragons, Wevlynq, and Zethyl. There are also “creatures” and “animals” like Negra, Foxelles, and Briin.
Race: Under the species category lie many varieties. Vark is a Nauvin Dragon, while Xeari is dominantly Corryll. Leanael is a half-felinoid Wevlynq.
Clan: All Wevlynq and Zethyl belong to one of ten clans. Each clan has an “object” name and a regular name.
Classification: A Kenan's classification is somewhat like his or her occupation. There are typical ones like butchers and jewelers, then there are ones less job-like, for example explorers, Followers, and rogues.
Physical Appearance: I outline what the character looks like here.
Clothing: This only applies to some Wevlynq and Zethyl. As some have fur all over their bodies they do not find it necessary to cover up. Dragons just don't wear clothes.
Unique Traits: This is what I (and probably you) use to distinguish a character. Scars, fur patterns, clothing, etc. would go here.
Special Skills: This is like unique traits, only for abilities. Rare powers go here.
Planetary: Dragons have control over two of five Elements and one of five Skills; Wevlynq one of each; Zethyl one of the ten. Wevlynq and Zethyl have minor control over the other Elements. I list the character's Element(s) and/or Skill here, with his or her dominant one out of the three or two in italics.
Symbols: Wevlynq and Zethyl have a number of markings on their bodies that help them use planetary energy. These symbols also denote their clan. The more markings a being has, the more planetary stamina he or she has. Kenans learn to hide their symbols to prevent others from knowing this information. Here I put the number of symbols the character has.
Weapons: Learning to hold one's own in a battle is something all Wevlynq and Zethyl must do to pass the adulthood test. These are the weapons with which this character excels. Dragons usually use claws, teeth, tails, and planetary energy.
Hand: Like Earth, Kenans are either right-handed or left-handed. The ratio of righties to lefties is almost 1:1 on Kenah, righties being slightly dominant.
Personality: A few words. Quite self-explanatory.
Strengths: Anything - physical, mental, etc.
Weaknesses: See strengths.
Family: Here is a list of the character's immediate family in order of age, with each member's name, its pronunciation, their age, and relation to the character.
Companion: Companions are a fairly new concept on Kenah. A Dragon can pair up with a Wevlynq or Zethyl. Over time they will develop a bond, being able to tap into each other's emotions first, then to speak to each other silently, then to use each other's Planetary powers to a certain extent. If the bond is close enough, one Companion's death may be the direct cause of the other's. Here I write who the character's Companion is, if applicable.
After those things I go on and rant a bit about the character's past, his or her current life, and his or her pros and cons. I may add other interesting information.
Note: information is apt to change without notice. Drastic changes are unlikely, but still more likely in parts of the story that haven't happened in the comic yet.

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