Xeari (aka Kaida)
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Xeari [zee-ree]
Role: MAIN Main Character
Age: teen/adult - approx. 180 (18 on Earth)
Species: Dragon
Race: dominantly Corryll; Mapod, Tattan, and Tarran features (W2)
Classification: none
Physical Appearance: reddish scales; black stripe-bumps down neck and left tail; black stripes on back; spikes on right tail; arrowhead tailends; two curvy horns; black beak and head stripe; cheekwings; two-two feet
Unique Traits: two tails; hybrid
Special Skills: can speak to Maker
Planetary: unknown
Hand: right
Personality: optimistic; friendly
Strengths: emotions
Weaknesses: own frustration; not much knowledge of Kenah or general survival skills
Family: parents (on Earth)
Companion: none
Xeari was warped to Kenah from Earth and given a mission and a body to go with it. She is very unusual because she is a hybrid of several species of Dragons, as well as having two tails. See, there's no such thing as a Dragon hybrid… or, there wasn't until Xeari came along.
On Earth, Xeari's name was Kaida Kenry (KY-dah KEN-ree). She was pretty weird on Earth, too. She grew up in the city with her parents. She was said to have an aura. Those who didn't know her felt only the negative bit - the anger, the frustration - and shied away. She never made many friends. But some kind-hearted people went to her and got to know her better, and those people found the true Kaida. She's a kind soul with an optimistic view, and only when you learn that about her can you feel the calmness her aura projects. Despite this quiet aspect, she's usually very energetic. As a young child she'd wonder why her friends were too tired to continue playing tag while she felt perfectly fine. She'd also wonder why people would move slowly in the dark with their arms stretched out - she could see better in the dark than other humans. She grew up with the friends she's known since the beginning, and was always very sad to see one go. She had few friends, but those she did have were very close to her.
Xeari's greatest weakness is most likely her frustration. She gets frustrated easily and is prone to snapping when something that annoys her doesn't stop. It takes her a good venting and a few moments alone to get back to her usual self.

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