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Ideas for kicking my behind into gear.
KristinH at 1:39AM, Nov. 24, 2009
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Okay, so I'm getting pretty sick of constantly missing updates. It's pretty bad when the AUTHOR of a comic gets tired of the missed updates, and this has gone on long enough. By the rate I'm going, Al De Baran will reach its ending by the time I turn 40. I think some changes (or attempts at changes) need to occur.

Now, sometimes missed updates are unavoidable. Things like school, work, and other responsibilities can really take up time and energy. But more often than I'd like to admit, updates are missed because I'm lazy, I procrastinate to the point where I might as well update on the next scheduled day, or I get distracted (*cough*Like with playing RO*cough*). And missing updates for those reasons are no good.

I've done things that make the process easier, like completely organizing all of my Al De Baran files, and I've taken steps to cut down time spent utterly wasted on the computer (like refreshing pages over and over again. Thank you for curing that, RSS feed!!). But it hasn't helped my motivation to stop being lazy and do what I need to do. Don't get me wrong, I'm still as much into Al De Baran as I've ever been and quitting is completely out of the question. It's just my bad habits of slacking off and procrastinating keep on getting in the way of what I want to do.

So, any ideas? Tips? Do any of you have suggestions that would help me keep a better updating schedule?

Knowing my personality and my stubborn attitude, I can't promise that the tips will work and will stay with me. Sorry, but I'm just being honest here. It's frustrating to me, too. But the changes are worth a shot! If anything can improve my updating schedule just by a little bit, then I consider that a success.
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noako at 3:35AM, Nov. 24, 2009
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Have you tried updating only once in week?
Or I now some webcomic artist who do not update for the longest time and then release almost a whole chapter at once, you could do that? (You kinda are sometimes, with your 5 pages per week, but I'm talking about like 20 pages at once, even more if the pages are short)
I think you should just try and find your own style of updating and making the comic.
..Oh, and put a note next to your monitor. Write something like “Make Al De Baran!” on it, tape it there and never take it off.
If you have noticed a certain time (let's say, saturday at 1pm) when you just sit around and do nothing, try to start using that time to make comics. And if you have time after making one, don't stop there, make multiple so you can relax for a while! Or next time have time makin even farther.
These are just some ideas. I don't have any idea if this will work, but I hope you find your rhythm. Al De Baran is without question the best ragnarok comic I've seen.
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HeeroYui at 2:59PM, Nov. 24, 2009
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Many ways. These are just the top of my head since I'm REALLY sick right now with a tummy ache.

- Less updates. But this way it will be easier to do an update on time. Like suggested, maybe once a week.

- Make lots of comics ahead of time when available. And if you cut down on the updates to maybe once a week, you will be able to make more. This will be slower, but it will be more durable. People won't go to check every day to see if it's updated or not if you happen to be late.

This is my favorite idea: - Get help! Maybe people can send you a huge sheet with random characters. This means you will only have to do the main characters, and then just put the random characters in the background if there are any. And perhaps people can have Cameo's of themselves in there as well. This could surely cut down the production time for some comics and the stress of the time it makes to form together a person who looks nice and legit as well. People could post the sheets on photobucket or something, and you can take the image from there. The links could be here on the forum (or the images themselves)

I personally wouldn't mind taking a little bit of time to make a dozen random characters every once in a while. If enough people contributed, it could be easily consistent and a good resource.
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Ginka at 3:31PM, Nov. 25, 2009
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Well, you could get a PDA or something. Or an alarm clock to say “Hey, you should update”

But Heero's suggestions are pretty good too.
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Highwind017 at 11:13AM, Nov. 29, 2009
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Just put yourself into updating once a week, Then you'll wont have to worry about updating as much. I pretty much agree with Heero here.
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KristinH at 1:40AM, Dec. 8, 2009
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Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! There are some ideas that I think could really fit my needs and the needs of Al De Baran, and I'll look into using them. I've already switched to a once-a-week updating schedule, and I think that will help the situation a lot and help me get back on my feet so I can get back to updating on time twice a week.

Noako: I'll have to consider multiple updates only when I have multiple comics to upload, heh heh. But it would be darn cool to have a 5-day updating schedule for Al De Baran, though. Think of how great the pacing would be! But considering I have trouble with just two updates a week…well… a person can dream, eh?

And with your lazing-around-and-doing-nothing tip, I've recently realized that since I've tuned into a weekly radio show, I've spent the 1.5 hours that it's broadcasting working on Al De Baran. Since I'm concentrating on the music, it's too difficult to read or focus on something else at the same time. But with Al De Baran, it's just piecing sprites together, and I can easily do that while keeping my attention on the radio show. Maybe I need to find another radio show or something to listen to where I can't be distracted by anything else but Al De Baran… I'll have to keep an eye out! (Or an ear, heh)

HeeroYui: You know, funny enough, I've actually considered letting people have their Ragnarok characters have cameos as background characters, but I've shyed away from it because I thought that readers would think of it as me selling out. Like, “Uh oh, readership is down! I DEMAND MORE ATTENTION! Oh, I know! I'll put readers in the background so they'll have a reason to read my comic!”. But that isn't it at all. It just seemed like something kind of fun to do. BUT, you've brought up a good point that having cameos will really cut down on the time putting people in the background. It does take a while to think, “Okay…what gender are they going to be…? What class? What hairstyle? What hair color? What headgear?” and piece it all together. It would be very easy to just go, “Okay, this is what HeeroYui's character looks like, bam-bam-bam, done! Instant BG-character!”. Though I would have to create the sprites myself because their posture really depends on what's happening in the scene and where the setting is. I'll toy around with this idea, thanks!

Ginka: I've actually been on the lookout for some kind of timer on my computer that will send me notices to update. Hopefully I'll be able to find something that's effective!

Highwind017: You pretty much agree with Heero and I pretty much agree with everyone! Sweet!

Thanks so much for the tips, everyone. I really appreciate your ideas, and I really think that they'll help my problems with updating on time!
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