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Stabbyness at 3:52PM, July 28, 2007
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Due to the skits obnoxious talent of messing up the continuity of the comic, once a skit's “life time” is up they are removed. For whatever demented reason, if you wish to find and watch a skit, I'll have where it was located (in the comic) and a link to it in this thread. Have fun, and an apology to all those who want to watch.

Skit 1: Came in between page 37 and 38.

Skit 2: Came in between pages 37 and 38.

Skit 3: Came in between pages 38 and 39.

Skit…4?: Iconoclasm: Gettin' Textual part 1.

Skit…5!? Iconoclasm: Gettin' Textual …part 2?

Skit…6!? Iconoclasm: Gettin' Textual part 3: What, there's more!?
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Karrotten at 3:57PM, July 28, 2007
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Honestly, who needs continuity. Or plot.
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Stabbyness at 8:42AM, July 29, 2007
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We already have enough problems with story stucture, I really don't want to pour salt in the wounds. As the ancient proverb says “A man must not kick the walls of the shit shack.”
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Stabby Team USA at 7:07PM, July 29, 2007
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I miss the skits in the actual pages. I mean, its not like our comic made sense anyway, and we got about twice as many pageviews as our previous record on the days u posted the skits.

You should change the format tho. Make em look more like a Tales game. Because that makes em cool.
Cow? Cow!? COW!!!
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