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I Love Sundays, I Hate Sundays
spacehamster at 10:41AM, March 8, 2009
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So issue 5 has been back on track for over a month now, but very unsurprisingly enough it didn't take more than the first two weeks or so for me to use up my buffer… sigh.

What this means, of course, is that I'm now spending every Sunday afternoon and evening in a mad inking and lettering frenzy. Now there's nothing particularly wrong with that because it's not like there's anything I'd rather be doing, but the whole point of slowing Bulletproof down to a page a week was to take the stress away and maybe be able to let the pages sit for a week or two before I upload them so I can take a last, fresh look at them and fix the things that I always notice after about two weeks. But what can I say, when they handed out the procrasti-gene at the lab where they made me, Fetus Me yelled a bit too loudly.

Uh, yeah. These are the kinds of analogies that I come up with when I've been huffing ink fumes too much. Back to the drawing board with me. Page 8 tomorrow. Something will go “BAKKZZ”, I'll tell you that much.
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