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Hitting the Ground Running...
spacehamster at 9:33AM, Nov. 25, 2007
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…running fast and breathing hard. Heh.

What I mean to say is, yes, issue 3 is officially running as of today, but just seeing this page up here is giving me cold sweats. I don't exactly have a ton of buffer material at the moment, and that's kind of hanging over me like a great big piano waiting to drop. I have some free time coming up, though, so I should be able to keep the ship afloat without missing any deadlines.

Anyway, issue 3 begins the new storyarc “Seed of Evil” which, as I announced previously, will move away from Shockwire to focus on other characters - lots of new heroes and villains and some familiar faces. You'll finally get to see some of the real baddies, which is the part I'm most excited about. I kind of feel like I've had the heroes fighting second-rate threats in the first two issues - throwaway cyborgs, holographic lizard guys, you know. But now I'll introduce the real supervillains. And that's as much as I'm willing to give away.


The Webcomic List

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polo at 11:19AM, Nov. 25, 2007
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Good work! Keep em coming! 5
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Encicra at 8:11AM, Dec. 2, 2007
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I liked this page. The art is getting noticeably better as well. While I personally prefer color, this isn't to bad.
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Warpedwenger at 8:48AM, Dec. 30, 2007
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Awesome inks dude!
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