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Good News and Bad News...
spacehamster at 11:58AM, Nov. 16, 2007
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Ze Good News:
The move to Mac is complete and I'm fully equipped again. Photoshop CS3 is up and running, the Wacom works, and I even got my old Mustek to run with a SANE driver. All's well in Hamsterland, and I'm very pleased indeed with my new setup. I just need to download a few fonts again that somehow couldn't be migrated, and then I'm good to go.

Ze Bad News:
I'll get right to it - I have to postpone Issue 3 by another week. Trust me when I say it irritates me to no end that I have to do this as I know that there are in fact people who will check in here on Sunday, but I only just got everything installed and running yesterday, and there's just too much unfinished crap floating around and not enough buffer material. Hopefully I'll have the cover to issue 2 colored soon, at least, and on the 25th, really really for real this time, issue 3 will start.
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Lemniskate at 3:12PM, Nov. 16, 2007
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Aw hell, there goes my sunday excitement… but it's good to hear that anything else's well in Hamsterland.
 VaƄmyz umoj.
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