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Issue 3 Begins November 11th!
spacehamster at 2:43AM, Oct. 21, 2007
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Well, issue 2 is in the can, and while I managed to stay on schedule for the whole thing, I've also used up my entire buffer (which was something like 10 pages when page 1 went live), and the script for issue 3 isn't done yet. Therefore, I need a break of 3 weeks to finish that script and produce some buffer material to make sure issue 3 stays on schedule once it's started. So November 11th it is.

In the meantime, look for the cover to issue 2 and maybe one or two other little things as filler to tide you over until issue 3 starts.

As I've mentioned previously, the idea behind Bulletproof is to focus on different characters with each storyarc while the title is held together by the fact that it's all set in Junction City. So we'll be moving away from Shockwire for the time being, and the next storyarc will focus on active Omega Squad members and, finally, the super-powered criminals that exist in J-Town. Shockwire will return, of course, but for now - she's in training.
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