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Three Days to Go
spacehamster at 12:30PM, Aug. 16, 2007
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Well, boys and girls, this Sunday marks the beginning of issue 2!

I've already uploaded the first two pages (and made the final last really for real this time last minute fix to page 1) as I won't be around to update anything here until sometime during the day on Sunday, so… no turning back now, I guess. That's also why I'm posting this blog.

As I've mentioned before, for the duration of issue 2, I will update every Wednesday and Sunday. Once issue 2 wraps up, there may or may not be a break of two weeks or so before issue 3 - we'll see how much buffer material I have by then. Right now things are looking good, I have pages 1-11 in the can, so issue 2 should be running on schedule.

Can't wait to hear what you guys think of the new pages!
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