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spacehamster at 8:51AM, Aug. 8, 2007
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Okay, so I've looked over everything and come up with a schedule for how I intend to update Bulletproof from now on.

First off, BP will still be broken down into 22-page issues/chapters because it's a format that works for me writing-wise. Also, this may not be clear now, but BP will NOT be exclusively about Shockwire, otherwise I would've called the book Shockwire. Different storyarcs will focus on different characters in Junction City, which will give me a chance to try different things and hopefully keep the comic fresh and interesting for you guys.

Starting on Sunday, August 19th, I will begin uploading the pages for issue 2. After that, updates will come every Wednesday and Sunday until the issue is finished. Depending on how quickly I can work on issue 3 in the meantime, there may or may not be a break between issue 2 and 3 - I'm thinking maybe 2 weeks to make sure I have enough buffer material to publish steadily once the issue begins.

Also, as of issue 2, BP will be black and white. I realize much of the comic's visual appeal comes from the coloring, but it simply isn't feasible for me to do it in color and update it at a reasonable pace. I'll still do color covers, though.

So that's the plan at the moment. Thoughts?
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