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You haven't updated in forever!!!! When do you update!?!?!?!

I'm currently at univericty with a bunch of work to do. Not to mention I have a life and the attension span for a five year old. Updates happen when I have time to do them!

You used to update everyday!!!! why don't you update everyday now!?

This is a free webcomic that I don't get a cent for doing. I've done it for five years, and not a damn dime! …..ask me to update everyday when I finish uni. So in august 2010 x3

How old are you?

I'm 20 now. I started this when I was 15 believe it or not.

Why is your art so shit yo!?

I learnt to draw on my own. I do have an A level in art. I go an E. thats how good I am. Woooo. I learn new tricks all the time though, so my art is always improving. Or at elast thats what I keep telling myself.

If you can't draw why do you do a friggen webcomic!?

Because I love to write. And I love expsressing my stories through pictures and comicry. I know my drawing skill is limited but telling a story in comic form is just nice. and lots of people like them. I don't think anyone would ever read my stuff if it wasn't in a pretty picture form :T

Why do you keep whining about money!?

I'm sorry. I'm just bitter. I see people whose comic's are poorly written and drawn and they get a heap of money from their fans. and here's me five years and not a singel penny. I'm pretty poor. I've stopped doing it as much as I used to. but every now and then my bank balance reminds me how poor I am and I rant in my posts. So feel reassured I only rant on the front page about the lack of donations when I'm actually in need of monies x3. One of these days I'll get some!!!!

Do you do commissions?

YES. I will draw dead babies for you for monies! Or whatever pleases you I guess?

Is this going to turn into a yaoi comic? *suspieciouse glare*

I will say it here so it's official. There will be NO Yaio like relasionships in this comic. I know I tend to tease into that area on occasion. But let me assure you that any of this is for satirical reasons. So yes, no Yaio to be found here…. my y-gallery account on the other hand~ x3

You're english right?

yes I'm english, in england. rawr.

Does that mean I'll never see you at a con? D8

Depends, do you goto the comix thing in london and the anime expo? :P One day when I have monies I will goto an american con and people can come say hi.

You keep saying you'll do NPc merchendise, still none, where is it!?

I will do it! Let me finish school stuff first! D8

Is this comic ever going to end?

It does have an ending… and even then i'm not sure if it'll propally end. x3 but it'll not end by me simply not updating for a while. This comic will end propally one day!!!!!!!

feel free to ask more questions~
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