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Day 2
Evil Emperor Nick at 8:40AM, Aug. 16, 2007
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Day 2 by Marine. Discuss as you will.

I know this is going to be unpopular but I think I am going to have to censor Marine's Zombie tits which he starts all his pages with. Yes I know censorship pisses people off but that takes us beyond our “Evil Dead 2” standard and if this was a movie would give us a hard R. Since this ia community project I've got to hold it to whatever rules I set up for it and that was one. Just an FYI.

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Rori at 1:07PM, Aug. 16, 2007
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I guess a tit badly rendered in MSPaint is still a tit.

Anyway. I thought marine did really well with this. He kept it remarkably clean considering, and there was a wonderful pregnant pause and a steinbeck reference. niiiiice! By far my favorite part was the interaction between white devil and tranny.

I also relish working with the plot device of a drunk duck. mwa!
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TheMidge28 at 4:22PM, Aug. 16, 2007
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yeah…and the green trailer trash guy…can everyone say “phallic”?

I don't know if these characters are regular but I can see where the mature rating may come from… but considering what he did I think it was rather tame…in comparison to what I can imagine he could have done if no limitation was placed…

my highlight would be the white devil as well…I would have loved more action with him killing other of societies stereotypes…as zombies that is…

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marine at 6:12PM, Aug. 16, 2007
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I'd thought about showing different perspectives, having some other “penis” characters deal with the zombie plauge. From the start, I thought “what if I had the goofy trailer trash green guy deal with the zombies? I could just have him go out for beers and head back home.” Then I had a sub plot with Buttman (the wizard with a butt on his face summoning the zombie menace and then feeling bad about it, killing himself, and becoming a zombie. I ALMOST left that stuff in, but I thought “It'd be so much funnier if Buttman was just there and bit him.” The last big idea I had was for Balldy to bite a zombie. Now as for zombies themselves, I wanted just regular people as zombies attacking, none of the usual mutants over in my comics.

The White Devil stuff came as a way to bring him into the new penis mythos-cannon whatever. He had appeared previously early last year, but his exposure to everybody has been minimal. I thought that this would be a great showcase for him, since ya know, it could be argued that the theological aspects of a zombie plague could have to do with the devil and end times. He's technically a superhero or anti-hero type whose obsessed with Satan and donned his devil costume. Ironically, he himself is obviously an African American wearing this white devil costume and his chosen codename could be considered a slur against white people. Also interesting about his design is the “buttagram” as I call it, an upside down heartagram design from the band HIM.

As soon as I had the idea of doing a zombie comic, the first thing I thought of was “Gotta have zombie Tranny.” Seeing as how Tranny is a rather gullible, naive, and kind hearted person they would feel sympathetic towards the white devils satanic rants on the sidewalk. Tranny would then be bitten by a zombie, and comedy gold was born from it. The other thing I really wanted to do was Buttman biting someone. I kept thinking “how can a man with nothing but a butt on his face bite someone?”

One last bit that I left out that I almost included, was The Aliens reactions to the zombie outbreak. I was going to have him say it was his peoples “tenth” plan that finally worked, even though it was almost exactly the last plan his people used he didn't “Involve using a spotlight.” Then having him be bitten by a zombie and his alien physiology just having him explode.

Rori, its drawn in Flash 5 not MSpaint. I use a rather basic cheap trackball mouse and often leave jagged edges and open holes on my artwork to create that illusion of professionalism. Its a common misconception about my work. The thought was there to do this in a non-penis way, but I wanted to show off how great the format was.

Additionally, about the ending: The word butt appears in the blacked out panel page with the drunk duck saying it. I decided against solving the zombie problem or doing something so insane that no one could possibly follow it. (which had crossed my mind briefly) I was confused if I was supposed to be using characters like Mr. Riot and Vindibudd or the hero by night as zombies, even coming down to a last minute conversation with Mr. Riot about him and genitalia being bitten by zombies. It seemed like I was asked “If you could do a zombie story, what would you do?” and this is what came out from that challenge. I had decided such a joke with the testicals biting was too lame and hacky and should be used some other time, perhaps in a moment of high drama. I figure around Halloween, I'll re-visit zombie world. If you guys want me to post it over here, I'd do that or I just post it over in penis. Some of the other characters in penis would do some great stuff with zombies. I can only hint as to what a character like Rape Man would do. I'm not even sure if his NAME is T rated or any aspect of himself is redeemable. I keep pondering on a way to make rape save the day, but thus far I got nothing that I'd use.

About the zombie story as a whole: The story for me, was just for fun. I wasn't trying to make The Watchmen here or really attempt an epic or gripping story. It was just for laughs and a nice showcase for two of the z-grade characters in my b-movie comic, Balldy & The White Devil. Not nearly as tame as I can do I'll admit that. Still like some comments said very tame compared to the material over in penis. I had thought hard about the logo and the naked fat guy zombie with the saggy man breasts fit in perfectly. I don't know how you can see that as being a female, but eh. I wanted to do a nice zombie story, even pointing out its own plot holes and breaking the fourth wall a few times. That type of stuff I wouldn't do in regular penis, but a side story or a “world” like this, yeah. I'd absolutely make jokes like that. Their nice easy jokes that get a laugh.

I hope you guys like this one, and anybody got any questions I'd love to answer them. About anything Drunk Duck zombies related. I'll answer anything about it.
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Rori at 10:54AM, Aug. 17, 2007
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Well, you learn something new everyday.

And marine-I figured you did the badly-rendered thing on purpose. You tip your hat to the possibility of well-rendered artwork more than you know!
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