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heymelby at 6:57PM, April 23, 2008
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Man I do not blog very often…..Oh well. Thanks to the few that wished me a happy B-Day oh so many weeks ago. Thirty is not so bad, at least it sounds like the plague when I hold it over 20 somethings heads, muh ha ha ha! What I am truly happy about is the start of CON season. I'll be at Pittsburgh to start then Motor City and so forth. I really would like to be in the DD section at Wizard World this year, hopefully they will post a sign up like last year.

Now that school is over I can get back to Melby Comics, World of the Zombies and all my other projects which have been neglected due to my Masters thesis.

Check out heymelby.com for all my planned appearances, I say planned as I am now on a fixed budget and hope to make money at each show to move onto the next.

Best to all who read this!
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