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heymelby at 8:25AM, Jan. 22, 2008
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Hey everyone! As promised the donation button is up on the home page. I've set it so you can donate as little as you want. Once you make a donation to the “feed the fat kid fund” you'll be taken to a special gallery where I'm posting my line-art/pencils for all the strips. I've also updated my official company website for Melby Comics, please check it out at www.heymelby.com!

Fat kid Game coming soon!

Please vote! click here and vote, if you do you get to read Chad's first kiss. A strip exclusive to buzzcomix.
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Keigh at 11:15PM, Jan. 24, 2008
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That's the same reason I couldn't make it as a photo journalist.
I'm to cool for a sig.
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