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Nepath at 6:04AM, Jan. 14, 2008
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Discuss Heroes Unite in all it's glory. Do you like the story?, who is your favourite artist?, who is your favourite character?, what would you like to see in future…

you get the idea.
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melsr007 at 4:29PM, Jan. 20, 2008
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Hero Unite I have to say you guys did a good job and I love the story so for and I'm sure I will like the end too and as who I like as the artist I say everyone did a good job but I do have say Nepath and Monkeymafia great job on the art and yes my two favorite artist too lol! :dizzy:
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bear in okc at 9:55PM, March 19, 2009
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it was the second comic iread here and it got me into alot of comics it a great story but it also a good chance to see who art and style you like
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