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Nepath at 2:29AM, Sept. 14, 2007
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Something that seems to be on peoples minds now is what we are each going to get to draw in terms of scenes and what we would like to draw, so it seems the right time to start another section to this Forum.

Put here either your suggestions for a good hero interaction scene, who you want to see together at some point and mainly what scenes you would prefer to draw.

Im keeping my own records of all these points and ideas from the entire Forum so that I have one source of everything for the writing part.

Here are my thoughts:

I would like a small scene to draw with Energize and Tazor.
I would like to see a scene with the three powerful members (Energize, Tazor & Hellfire)

Over to you guys
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Abt_Nihil at 12:05PM, Sept. 14, 2007
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Do you (meaning everyone participating) have any particular ideas which side of their personality your heroes should show? I guess that would determine much of the actual scenes. I'll still have to think about that a bit…
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