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Trainer time!

Name: Ace

Age: 29

Occupation: Pokemon Ranger

“Daft'd” Farfetch'd (MAIN)
“Kindo” Nidoking
“Picasso” Smeargle
“Decidu” Torterra
“Torrent” Blastoise
“Chartle” Torkoal

Rankings: All Kanto/Jhoto/Hoenn badges, 5 badges into Sinnoh

Background: Ace was born in the harsh Orre region, but just before his tenth birthday, his parents sent him off to live with his Aunt in Kanto so he could become a successful Pokemon Trainer. His first pokemon was a wild Farfetch'd who he caught rooting through his Aunt's garden for a Leek, upon giving chase the Farfetch'd fell into a well where Ace promptly rescued him. Shortly after the two became best friends. Eventually after getting the Kanto and Jhoto badges (but never quite beating the Elite Four) Ace decided to devote himself to becoming a Pokemon Ranger. During his travels around the regions, he often stops at the gyms to test his battle strength.

Personality: Ace is very stubborn and rushes into situations where he could get hurt in his attempts to rescue pokemon. He has a bit of a weak-spot for food and is constantly eating. Ace has a bit of a stubborn streak and doesn't like to be ordered around. He frets constantly about Daft'd, much to Daft'd's chagrin. Some say that Ace babies his Farfetch'd.

Daft'd's Personality: Daft'd is unique in that he normally doesn't stay in a pokeball unless there is an emergency or he's tired. He also is unique in that he wears a scarf that Ace made out of the old shirt he used to wrap Daft'd in when they first met, it's a very important object to both of them. Daft'd is a bit arrogant and tough-headed and often gets into ‘fights’ with Ace. These fights are generally no more than simple roughousing or minor disagreements.

Hopefully that's enough details.
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