Coveinant at 3:04PM, Oct. 18, 2007
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Critique here. I suggest they be good ones. also put your advice here.
Enter my contests and be happy about your ideas.

go here, I may have left you something good
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Guncannon at 5:24PM, Jan. 29, 2008
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Well You're doing pretty good, Though you could use better. (but then again can't we all?)

- Ok your text boxes need work, I suggest making them on a seperate page then pasting them onto the comic page. that way uou can put more detail into them. also You should put a border around them.

- You move a little fast in your Story, Slow things down and explain things.

- Your character is Kind of a God mod and needs to be watered down abit.

- No matter what anyone says to you, Don't take it out on them in a comic, You just gain more enemies that way. Remember this is the internet, Fighting here should only be done in games, otherwise it will just go on forever.

- More time should be put into your sprites, If you need help, just ask.

- make your fights longer. hand have fun with them.

That's pretty much it. If I think of anything else I'll Let you know
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