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Shades reviewed by Project Fanboy
DAJB at 9:00AM, March 18, 2010
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The guys at the Project Fanboy website have recently started a series of columns reviewing (and titled) Webcomics You should Be Reading. And, one of the first comics they've highlighted is our very own Shades. How cool is that?!

What's especially nice about this review is that the writer, Curt Lawson, has clearly taken the time to read the comic and appreciate some of its nuances. He refers to the Shaman, for example, as “pre-druidic” when so many might have just assumed he was a Druid. I liked that. It shows he's paying attention and understands what he's writing about. Of course, just because a reviewer understands Shades doesn't mean that he likes it, so what does Curt have to say?

Well, you can read the full review at Project Fanboy, but here are some snippets:

On the artwork:
Project Fanboy
While the character designs are cool and fresh, the truly impressive thing about the art in Shades is how well it works on a dramatic level. There are some scenes that just stand out in one's mind, due to the raw aesthetic yes, but more importantly in how the reader is led into said scenes.
On the writing:
Project Fanboy
the cast has a completely organic feel to it, with no sense of pretension or forced characterization. In addition, Berner demonstrates a mastery of dialogue, making sure that each character has their own distinct voice. A solid mixture of action and intrigue keeps the reader on their toes.
Project Fanboy
As far as I'm concerned Shades is one of the all around best webcomics out there, in any genre. There's never a boring page and I always find myself eager for the next update. You're robbing yourself of a great webcomic experience if you don't check this one out, folks.
You know … those are the kind of reviews that make it all seem worthwhile!
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