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Drunk Duck Awards 2008
DAJB at 2:52AM, Sept. 25, 2008
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Well, this announcement is long overdue! As you'll already know if you followed the progress of the Drunk Duck Awards this year, Shades made it through to the finals of six categories, and walked away with two shiny Golden Ducks!

The two awards we won were for Best Backgrounds (a timely spot of recogntion for all Harsho's hard work!) and Best Tense Scenes. This means we're now entitled to show these nifty little buttons!

The other four categories in which we were one of the final nominees were: Best Super Hero Comic, Best Traditional Art, Best Action Scenes and Best Dialogue - a great selection of categories covering all the most important aspects of the comic! Making it through to the finals means we can show these buttons, too!

In addition to those, Shades received votes nominating it in a number of other categories. We don't know how many votes it received in each of these categories. It obviously wasn't enough to get us into the final five, but it's nice to know someone was thinking of us! The other categories in which at least one person considered us, then, were:

Best Adult Comic (I must admit, that one has me slightly confused!)
Best Adventure Comic (This award went to The Dreamer, an excellent comic and my own choice for this category!)
Best Colour
Best Fantasy
Best Layouts
Best Mystery
Best Overall Comic (This award went to Simply Sarah, again, in line with my own personal choice for this category!)
Best Parody or Tribute Comic (I'm not sure I want to know why we were nominated for this!)
Best SciFi Comic
Best Spiritual Comic
Best Website (that's not for my own BVC website of course, but the set-up for Shades here at Drunk Duck)

All in all, an impressive list of categories to be in and - knowing how good some of the competition was - making it through to the finals in six categories and walking away with two awards is far more than we had any reason to hope for. Many thanks to everyone who made that possible by voting for us in any of the categories.

Oh, and the next time you're explaining to someone why they should be reading Shades, don't forget it's not just a webcomic … it's now an award-winning webcomic!
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