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DAJB at 8:37AM, Jan. 14, 2008
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There have been a couple of queries in the Comments relating to how long has passed between different events in Shades. Actually, the whole of the first eight chapters takes place more or less within one long weekend (Friday - Monday).

I can't give the full timeline here without giving away plot spoilers but here's the timeline for things that have happened so far:

Friday evening
Attack on the British Museum
Stan abducted by masked men

Saturday morning
Jill leaves Sunil with Stan
Stan takes Sunil to visit Doug
Saturday afternoon
Stan and Sunil visit the Shaman
Intruders attack the Shaman's “temple”
Saturday evening
Stan and Sunil return to London and stay in a hotel

Sunday morning
Stan and Sunil are attacked at Boo's housing estate
Stan is hospitalised
Sunday afternoon
Ryan, Craig and Rebecca meet Boo
Sunday evening
Boo visits the Shaman and confronts Credo

Monday morning
Everyone assembles at Doug's house

So … that's where we are just now. I'll try to remember to keep this timeline updated and add events to it as they occur in the story! (Hope it helps!)
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