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End of chapter 1 contributions!
JustNoPoint at 10:56PM, April 24, 2008
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We'll be putting up contributions from all of you at the end of this chapter.

What you can do is make 1 page and send it to me or Due Eastand we will place it before chapter 2. Pick any of your characters and show them in their Off Hours!

A few rules to adhere to because we are sticklers like that and despise anarchy:

1.Remember that the comic is rated T+ so keep an eye on your mature themes

2. No cursing.

3. Limit it to 1 page per contributor (*unless it's really good) BUT you can use as many “actors” from your “show” as you want and it can be as long or as wide (not both) as you want (unless it turns into a scroll nightmare, heh)

*contact me or Due East if you need more than 1 page, probably 2 at the most but let us know beforehand what you want to do, especially since we have no idea how many submissions we may get
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dueeast at 7:37AM, April 25, 2008
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I'm gonna make an amendment to this: as long as you want (so long as it's not a scrolling nightmare) but NOT as wide as you want. Sorry, too wide drives me nuts. lol!
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