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A little bit of backstory right?
Doctor Shadow at 2:59PM, Feb. 29, 2008
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Ok, I lied, this really isn't about a little bit of a backstory. This is something pretty awesome. I was talking to the editor of Fate's Hand (the book all this is based from) and he suggested to me that I begin to tell some short stories from Hestonia itself (after looking at the webcomic here oddly enough).

He's going to sharpen them up and pop em in magazines and so on, should be good fun. So looks like I'll be writing even more, don't worry though, the webcomic will be updated as per usual, Monday and Thursday with regular mid-updates when I can get Reva to sort me out a character picture or piece of art.

Not every character will get a card, but if you have any ideas for who you'd love to see more on!

Well, let us know!
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