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Doctor Shadow at 10:13AM, Feb. 3, 2008
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I adore Steampunk, you've probably noticed that by now. What I really love though is the design behind things like that. How it works, not the nitty-gritty science of it since in Hestonia there's also the other factor, magic, that force that seems to just sit there and stick two fingers with a V-sign up at physics and all the others. So we come to the Mist Reaver, she's been through a few concepts in her time since I originally created the ship and character for a stint in a Thieves World RPG as well as a guest appearance in Lankhmar game I was running (this is pre Mongoose's system).

The Mist Reaver started out as a galleon that could fly, then I slowly evolved this when the original hull was destroyed in a big battle. Talon decided that he really wanted to show-off and there's nothing quite like being the captain of a giant flying falcon that soars majestically and makes a noise like six 747's on takeoff. The ship can be quiet but most of the time Talon likes it to be loud unless he's sneaking away from places like Sullavale Port of course.

So the evolution of the ship came about from watching two things, Battle of the Planets (Science Ninja Team Gatchaman) and the Mysterious Cities of Gold on a couple of re-runs. The Condor burned into my mind and I re-designed the Reaver to match that, save I took the falcon route instead. Then along came Reva into my life and brought with her a fantastic art-talent that really helped me shape all of my worlds, helped me tremendously with my writing and novels as well as keeping Talon as I see him in my head.

Today she sat down and did the picture of the Mist Reaver you see on the Technology page. I think it's awesome!

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