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I've always wanted to do a webcomic, for years and years. I've never really had the time or the artistic talent. I leave all the art to my lovely wife who's extremely talented and has a wide range of artistic skills. I also never really had an idea of what I wanted to do, I always hummed and harred, flitting between things and never settling down on a particular one. Yet there was something sitting right under my nose.

Hestonia was born a good number of years ago when I decided I'd write yet another novel. I wanted something dark fantasy with steampunk elements that also incorporated my love of the Rennaisance period of history. I know steampunk is normally focussed upon the Victorian era but there's no great rule that says that it has to be. So I sat down and created the book: Akas the Bloodless. It's unpublished at the moment and sits quite forlorn on my HDD.

It served as a springboard to the world that would become Fate's Hand, my novel that I have been editing and polishing recently with the help of my very good editor: Neal Levin. Now Fate's Hand is 100 years after the events in Akas and it takes the world into a more steampunky direction than before, this is good, because I love steampunk. The webcomic is set around the time of Fate's Hand however and focusses on several of the characters that don't appear in the book, or rather who aren't the prime focus of the book.
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