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Shadow_X at 2:36PM, Feb. 27, 2008
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Hey all, I thought I'd post some of the characters here and describe them. Here ya go.
Eugene Hunt
Age: 17
Occupation: Ex-Team Raven Operative
Usually a calm down to earth guy, Eugene comes from the recently corrupted organization Team Raven. After finding out misdeeds committed by the leaders, including the mysterious disappearance of his leader, Kirsten, and. He became fed up working for them and destroyed the base he was stationed at.
Likes: Peace, video games, food
Dislikes: injustice, loneliness
Current known Pokemon:

Kirsten Steeple
Age: 20
Occupation: Leader of Team Raven
Kirsten is the gentle, caring leader of Team Raven. The organization was watched over by her family for generations and she had recently taken up the position after her mother had gone away on a research expedition. However, one day two mysterious men showed up in her office and kidnapped her. Eugene and the other members do not know her whereabouts but they suspect their new leader, Jonas, has something to do with it..
Likes: Dancing, Pokemon, Sunny days
Dislikes: Rain, Pokemon battling, Arrogance
Current known Pokemon:
none revealed

Dale (?)
Age 18
Occupation: Theif
Not much is known about the mysterious thief Dale. He goes from town to town stealing whatever he desires. He ran into Eugene while Dales was lost in a forest after Eugene blew up Team Raven's HQ.
Likes: Music, Shiny Expensive Items, Girls
Dislikes: Staying in one place, Commitment, Rap music
Current known Pokemon:
none revealed
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