19. April - Updates
alibaba at 8:54AM, April 19, 2008
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Okay, i have finally managed to update the Links-Page! I listed many of my favorite ressource sites and artists homepages, so go check it out =D .

The characters page on the other hand ist still under construction. I just don't have enough characters yet… i suppose i will make it when i'm at about 30 pages.

Updates for the last weeks weren't as smooth as I would have wished them to be because of other work, but now I managed to finish enough to ensure 2-page updates for the following weeks!

By the way, there is also a new artwork in the artwork-section. Its an oil-painting of the villages captain, who will play an important role for a while. Go give it a lookie.

I want to use this journal to also thank my readers for all your nice comments (and ratings) =) ! Thanks, I wouldn't be half as motivated without that ^^ .

Oh, and before I forget it, if you see any glitches on the site, please tell me where and on which browser you see them (aside from the fact that the characters-page doesn't work yet).
So far I noticed that the previous/next-buttons look weird on firefox, so I'll try to fix that now.

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