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Dumok at 8:36AM, June 25, 2008
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Last time on WarMage: Tsuki decided that she needed some “Me time” after Llewllyn decided to take in the Mercenary, Lamia, and help her to walk a new path devoted to Heroism. Llewllyn took that time to get to know Lamia a little better and spend some time with Kriti when the news of a terrorist attacking the public library caught his attention.

Both Lamia and War-Mage flew off to deal with Bitter-Sweet.

Kriti, however, had her own problems, when she was ambushed by the three criminals: Guido, Larry and Sid. Against her deeply held beliefs, she proceeded to beat “the oneness of all things” into the three goons and let Sid go with a warning.

Meanwhile, War-Mage and Lamia faced off with Bitter-Sweet and seemingly beat her with ease, only to learn that she had a trick or two up her sleeve, she surprised War-Mage and captured him taking him to another dimension, where He was shackled, naked, to a Metal tree. Now back to our story:

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