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My Adventure At NY Comic Con
Dumok at 9:41AM, April 20, 2008
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So I woke up saturday Morning and left my house early, made damned sure that I got there BEFORE 9 am. I hung out and talked with a few collectors. Once We actually got in to the convention itself, I immediately went stark raving Nutters talking to the various publisher, and handed out as many of my little flyers as I could. (I will post what the flyer looked like this week.) the things is I go so distracted doing that I mised the Stan Lee Panel (D'oh) but I made it to the “Webcomic threat or menace” panel. Needless to say the title alone was controversial and I met the Artist behind Dr McNinja and a few other webcomickers some of us are familiar with. The panel leader immediately worked hard to defuse the whole controversy by essentially stating that niether he nor the other panellists actually came up with the title (bullshit). but it was basically about how the webcomic community is growing and what options are available to us in terms of printing and business models and how penny arcade changed hands in terms of rights to Richard Woo (?). And they promoted the shit out of Zuda. (No suprise there) but the representative from tokyopop was a really nice old codger and I might be able to try to shamelessly self promote there (We'll see how that goes)!

Shameless Self Promotion and Portfolio reviews:

Needless to say I managed to stop by the Platinum Studios/Drunk duck Table, Where I met DJ Coffman (The creator of Hero by Night!!) and shot the breeze with him, and I resumed handing out flyers, Actually meeting a couple of people who knew fans of My work!!!

I also got my protfolio reviewed by two publishers, and to much of my suprise I actually got some really good feedback in terms of what they saw (Even the spicy stuff). I guess it always suprises me when a professional sees my work and actually likes it. I had to fight back a few NO SHIT?!?!?!s and I got some rather pleasant compliments about My panelling and composition. I thanked them for their time and proceeded to schmooze even meeting up with one of My old High school gaming buddies JD Calderon (Now the creator of “Tall Tales”). we swapped alot of stories and caught up hopefully I will be able to keep in touch with him.

I also Met up with Riot Who Draws “The Path” and the Creator of “Tales from the Cornerstone of the Nightshift” (one of MY FAVORITE Webcomics on Drunk Duck)

I event got to see the panel Showing clips from the new “Incredible Hulk” movie. (Thanks Ma'at for letting me join you there!!)

GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!! If you don't want to spend the 20 dollars make damned sure you get a good copy from the friendly neighborhood brother man. It's worth it.

At any rate Once I think of More I will post it.

Laters folks I got a D+D game!
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