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The steps behind the creation of a Pub of Bourbon comic.
Fuzzwobble at 3:44AM, March 3, 2008
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Hello, comedy enthusiasts!

What makes for a good 'Pub comic? Well, it comes together in steps…

Step 1: The ideas.
I carry around a notebook in my front pocket to quickly jot down entertaining thoughts. This makes for good comic ideas, but also makes me look distinguished, and distracts from my surely ugly features, which all web comic aspiritors are known to have before people start reading their comics.
Right now i'm rated ‘No George Clooney’.

Step 2: Storyline an idea.
Unless it's physical comedy, such as the comic I put up at Malphas' request (See ‘This is Madness!’, comic page 2), your mockerisms will need a buildup on intrigue followed by a shocking revelation, and possibly an entertaining reaction.
I get some feedback from a few friends, talking ideas over with them. I only skip this step if I am confident that the comic will fetch the reactions of dentistry gasses.
Remember, if you laugh at it and nobody else does, you may as well save the paper and keep it in your brain, stumpy.

Step 3: Lights, camera, ROFLSCREENSHOT!
After this is done, I assign the roles required for the comic to the most entertaining choices, and then act them out into positions. This is the hardest part… if I don't get a good enough shot and it looks shoddy when I enter editing, I'd have to restart step 3.
I take 3 shots for each panel from a slightly different angle and centering to be certain, allowing at least 2 different speech bubble positions.
After this, all the comic actors and I snort some sweet alabama jimmyshine and have a sexy party with benny hill music. Boomkins optional.

Step 5: WTF! What happened to step 4?
The comic now has some photoshopped speech bubbles, some nice bordering, and is ready for posting. I now show it to the actors, who I don't tell the comic's joke to before the final product, we all have a giggle, and I post it on a seperate site for public viewing by my friends. After sufficient feedback to make sure it doesn't suck a golfball through a garden hose, I post it.

Prepare to be amazed at the comic relatively not-suckiness! Tremble before my 5ish step program of fear imbibing awesomeness!
Love the lamp! LOVE IT!

Don't roll a shaman! It's a trap!
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