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Chapter 11 - Piercing the Veil
DAJB at 9:59AM, Jan. 31, 2009
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So, the first page of Shades Chapter 11 went up last Monday. If you've seen that page, you'll know it gave a little glimpse into the background of the Shaman's disciple, Starflower.

We haven't featured Starflower since she first appeared waaaay back in Chapter 3, but she plays a central role in this chapter. Remember when Starflare said she might have a way to contact the Shaman, even though he was comatose, his spirit trapped in the spirit world? Well, this is where you find out exactly what she had in mind!

In fact, this chapter is all about the ladies! As well as Starflower, Stan's daughter Jill will be passing through briefly and, for anyone who enjoyed seeing Nickel and Qoiri's rendering of Boo in action at the end of Chapter 10 … hey, great news! There's a lot more of that in Chapter 11!

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