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Chapter 10 - Abdication of Responsibility
DAJB at 2:40AM, Dec. 10, 2008
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I usually post a short introduction to each chapter of Shades here in the forum, but Chapter 10 is already about half way through and so - if you've been following the adventures of our uniquely British heroes - I'm guessing you're already starting to get a pretty good idea just where that one's heading!

You'll already know, for example that the country has been effectively handed over to Lord Hungerford, a puppet under the control of Bedlam and his allies. You'll also know that Boo is not too happy about this development and is on her way to Wetminster to see what she can learn about these strange goings-on in the Mother of All Parliaments.

Anything else? Oh, yes. Everyone seems to want Doug to have a heart-to-heart with young Ryan who's still beating himself up over the loss of his sister, Becky.

So … if you already know all that, what can I possibly have left up my sleeve to tease you with? Well, there's the question of just what Doug might actually have to say, of course, and - although I'm not going to give anything away here - I promise you that, thanks to the excellent artwork by Nickel and Qoiri, that sequence is shaping up to be one of the best in the book.

Aaaand as if tht wasn't enough, we're going to close the chapter with the first view of Boo in action since … oooh, way back near the beginning. Trust me, in the skillful hands of these artists, Boo in battle mode is truly a sight to behold!
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