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Chapter 6 - A Question of Belief
DAJB at 4:55AM, Feb. 26, 2008
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Phew! Well, we posted the last page of Chapter 5 yesterday. Something of a milestone in itself, perhaps, but doubly so in this case, since it also marks the end of Volume 1. Well, for online purposes!

Although it's intended that the print version will be released in two volumes, to make it easier to navigate around Shades online, we've divided it into three volumes for the web. This means we're now one-third of the way through the story, so … woot (as the young 'uns say)!

Now, what can you expect from Volume 2? To start with, click that link there and you'll be taken to the cover for this volume. That's obviously just a taster but I think it's pretty clear there's a lot more gorgeous artwork from Harsho waiting for you!

Storywise, you know me well enough by now to know that I'm not going to be giving away any major plot spoilers but I can promise that Chapter 6 will not only see Boo in action (again!) but will also fill in a lot of her backstory.

I think that should be enough to whet even the most jaded of appetites but, for those of you who just have to have more, we'll also be introducing the second of our major villains. Like Dominion in the Prologue, he's just passing through at this stage but we thought it was about time you got to see another bad guy!

I hope that's got you as excited about Volume 2 as we are. Don't forget, we'll be posting the first page on Thursday (28 February 2008). See you then!

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