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Chapter 4 - Boo!
DAJB at 5:00AM, Nov. 18, 2007
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Chapter 4 was something of a turning point when I was writing the script for Shades. I had written notes for most of the characters and a general outline for the story but the first four chapters were so clear in my head that I hadn't had to map out the actual events in any detail. As the cliche goes, the first four chapters really did write themselves.

But this was the last one. As I approached the end of Chapter 4, I realised that - if the ending I had planned was going to tie up with the beginning I'd already written - then I was going to have to sit down and start writing out the main plot events in advance, chapter by chapter. (It almost began to feel like work!)

But enough of me. What does this chapter have in store for you guys? A return to some semblance of reality to start with. Chapter 3 allowed us to dip our toes tentatively into the ever-so slightly mystical world of the Shaman and - since that side of things will get a lot wilder later on (oops - a mini-spoiler!) - I wanted Chapter 4 be a stark reminder that we're also dealing with people in the real world here.

You think Frank Miller knows gritty? Hah! He just knows sleaze (which is not the same thing as grit at all). Just wait until you see where our next character lives. That's gritty! Oh, and in case you missed it - that was another spoiler! You won't see her in the first few pages but keep your eyes peeled … she's on her way!

Yes, Chapter 4 sees the first apearance of Boo, another of our main characters, and she is really cool. Okay, so I'm biased but, without giving anything away, Boo was one of those characters who just took on a life of her own, far exceeding the brief I'd written for her. See … female characters are just as difficult to control as their real-life counterparts!
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