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Lesshira & Obsidian
flyingwind66 at 1:28AM, April 9, 2008
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Right… so, these 2 haven't really interacted much so far (no worries, there's more stuff to come *laughs maniacally*) but they HAVE talked about the other.

What do you all think about how they see each other?

Lesshira has made some pretty strong comments about what she thinks of what Obsidian has done despite everyone else's seemingly ‘flippant’ attitude.

Obsidian also seems to know Lesshira's ‘agenda’ somewhat seeing that his immediate reaction to “Crimson has spoken with Lesshie” was “What has Lesshie told her?”
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Lesshira at 9:00PM, Oct. 6, 2008
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Nothing is going on, Girl Scout's Honour!
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