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Nepath at 6:09AM, April 30, 2008
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My first comic i've ever actually sat down to draw. Energize was the first character i ever cam up with for myself almost 15 years ago and this story that i am doing is basically an updated version of my original origin.

The story last 4 parts and as at writing this post it has just begun Part 3. After that i do have an idea to write a second story but Energize has and will feature in other comics also.
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fukujinzuke at 11:46PM, May 6, 2009
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Hey, great work!

So with the ending up, exactly how actively will HU be hunting Energize? I realize who's leading that effort, but is there a particular task force designated for that sole task?

How does the effort to hunt energize impact the responsibility of all other heroes under the HU initiative?

Does the end of Energize take place post HU: Fury and pre-whichever the next chapter is for HU?
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God of War at 5:05AM, Sept. 6, 2009
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Energize is great comics, I'm looking foward the sequel. Also, I'm really intrested wich heroes would be a part of the hunt (Digression: I hope for Relik, because they both are heavy hittersare a little similiar - this could be begining of great friendship/rivalry :D).

Once again - great work, I will hope that “Hunted” will suprass it :)

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