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Shadow-Root 3 now on Sale!
Dumok at 12:12PM, Oct. 4, 2008
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Dumok’s Comics Presents:
Shadow-Root Issue 3:
Guests and Consequences
Created by Eric Flores

Last time: Branwen Mac-Balor had faced a young man who was transformed into a tentacle monster by a mysterious girl named Jenny Hanover. After defeating the creature, Branwen was then confronted by an Amazon who made him a proposal; while he did not want to giver her an answer yet, He invited the Amazon and her lover to his home as a gesture of hospitality.
In the Mean time, Casey and Agatha Hotchkiss went into town to do some shopping when they met up with a fomorian female named Cethlionna who was rather upset with Branwen for not calling her when he came home.
Now: Branwen brings the Amazon and her partner home where things get a little bit interesting! What does the Amazon want with Branwen and will Cethlionna
Give him a hard time when she sees him?

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