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smkinoshita at 8:24AM, July 16, 2008
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Jenny's getting an FAQ about her early, despite her originally being a one-shot character, because of this writing she and Skull Girl are having their debuts in the comic.

Q: Jenny was a one-shot?
A: Yes, Jenny was originally a one-shot character, used for exposition on why it can be very difficult to get into the Supers biz, even if you're incredibly talented like Skull Girl.

Q: What are Jenny's powers?
A: Jenny has the proportionate strength and agility of a jungle cat. I'd say “Tiger” except she doesn't have the colouration. More likely she's got lioness in her.

Q: What happened with her stripes during her debut?
A: They're painted on. Being doused with water by Hydromancer washed them off.

Q: Did you know you made a mistake with her costume in X?
A: Jenny is the single most inconsistently drawn character ever. Did you notice that her costume seems to continually change all through the strip? That's partially ‘cause I’m never happy with it. Also, she wasn't seen consecutively originally so I'd forget. And then finally I decided it'd be a joke that Jenny was constantly changing her costume on the fly because she's so fickle.

Q: Why does Jenny look so much like Skull Girl? Her hair is a similar style, her skin tone is actually similar to Skull Girl's real skin tone, their faces are similar and she's even the same height!
A: Jenny's purpose is to both mirror and contrast Skull Girl. For example, she's blond – yellow is the opposite of violet on the colour wheel. I didn't initially design her to be Skull Girl's arch rival in so many ways… it's just how she turned out as things progressed. I also wanted them to have a lot of similarities on the surface and show their conflicting differences over time. Neither should be under-estimated as both have a deceptive amount of cunning and cleverness.

Whereas Skull Girl is naive, innocent, sincere, reactionary and occasionally scatter-brained, Jenny is ignorant, short-sighted, shallow, fickle and careless. Over time, Jenny has become more and more antagonistic to Skull Girl to the point where they are each other's arch nemesis both on a professional and personal level.

Q: Is Jenny the true villain of Super Temps?
A: She's not really a villain because she isn't evil by comic book standards. She's about as moral, stable and clear-minded as your typical celebrity though. That is to say she believes she's better than everyone else and so therefore isn't subject to the same rules as the common person.

Q: Is she a furry?
A: No. Jenny's actually got very good skin.

Q: Why is she a catgirl?
A: Because catgirls are popular (even I still like them). I wanted Jenny's primary reason for success being that she happened to be just what the popular trend wanted at the time. There's another underlying reason which has been slowly creeping into Super Temps since the strip's creation, which may very well be the true reason for why some people have cool powers and strange features, while others don't…

More to follow later…
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