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ftepainting at 3:44PM, Aug. 31, 2008
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As you may have noticed, we've been very good about updating here and giving you guys a new page every other day. Something you may not know is that I already have up to page 60 done (as in lineart, text etc.) If you don't want to wait around here for the updates, you can go and watch my deviantart account, and read all the pages there now. Otherwise, please enjoy the comic as it is now.

On another note, I plan to try and attend Katsucon next year (in Feburary I believe…) so in planning for that, around Christmas, I'm going to start fixing up the comic. That means I'm going to be revamping the beginning, coloring/shading/fixing all my lineart already up and printing it out to be sold at the convention. If I run out of time, I may just end up doing chapter 2, since making about 30+ pages for the new intro would be really time consuming. If any of you have ideas for prints or anything else that you'd like to see artwork-wise for the con, I'd be happy to accomidate.

But I highly doubt I'll be getting much feedback, seeing as how I barely get any on the pages I put out now. -Shrug- Maybe I should start doing more fanart of comics I'm not a fan of…

Anywho. That's me for now, not that anyone cares. Thanks for your time.

(and by the way, if you want to comment the current comic page, don't click on comments at the bottom of the page. That's to come here to the forum. Click “Latest” and then forward arrow to get to the page to comment. This layout is kind of weird, but that's the way it is. Sorry for the confusion.
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