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Reader Mail III
Pieguy259 at 7:11AM, Nov. 27, 2010
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Post your letters here. Short and sweet, people!
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Nerd Fury at 1:20PM, Dec. 1, 2010
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1. If either of you makes a Brooklyn Rage joke again, I will violently murder you both.

2. Is the Author Captain Invisible?!

3. I can haz cheezburger?

4. Cheezburger can haz me?

5. What?

6. Am I getting on your nerves?

7. Do you wish I would shut up now?

-Your Friendly Neighborhood NF
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ZesuXII at 1:21PM, Dec. 1, 2010
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1. Cube, don't it hurt to stand on your face? One of them, anyway.
2. How can you guys stand still for so long?
3. How do I build a giant robot?
4. I like cake. You have cake there?
5. Know any easy-to-get mass destruction weapon?
6. Cube, have you ever went inside a carboard box? How did it feel?
7. Invisible Captain, what are you doing there? Let those two read their letters alone.
8. By the way, can I get some of the cake? I believe there was cake.
9. Meh, I can't think of any other question. Any of you knows something else I can ask?
10. I wanted to make 12 questions, but it seems I can't think of anything.
11. I'll just stall ‘till I get to 12.
12. There. Done. Oh, I’m so proud of myself.

-Zesu, the Number XII.
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Limzee at 2:40PM, Dec. 1, 2010
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Dear Stickman and Cube,

1. Stickman, do you own a gun?
2. Cube, do YOU own a gun?
3. Are either of you prepared for zombies?
4. Have either of you ever seen a zombie?
5. Stickman, what if you were attacked by zombies, what would your plan of action be?
6. Cube, what if YOU were attacked by zombies?
7. What are your favorite video games?
8. What are MY favorite video games?
9. Do you guys read any other comics?
10. Who's your favorite character from your own comic (besides yourself)?
11. I was told there was cake?
12. Nyor~on?
13. Do you guys like getting letters in the form of lists?
14. Cube, did you have to pose so that post box could be made?

With much love,
The Amazing Limzee
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Nerd Fury at 12:54PM, Dec. 8, 2010
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Ok, ok, one more question, and then I'll leave you alone until the next reader mail………..


Are you SURE the author is not, in fact, Captain Invisible?
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Giftedangel6 at 7:24PM, Dec. 11, 2010
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A.Cube, were you ever made fun of for being a square?
B.Stickman, you may break my bones but your words will never hurt me.
C.Who's your favorite band? (As in music, not Silly. Eugh.)
D.Is stickman's whole face white, or just invisible?
E.Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
F.Is cube currently in a relationship?
G.Who IS the weakest link?
H.Who's the more Romatic of you two? Is Stickman more a Rennaissance kind of guy?
I.What do you call a sleep walking nun?
J.What do you guys eat for breakfast?
K.Where is Waldo?
L.Do you know how to cure alektaphobia?
M.Favorite movies?
Yay me for sending in the first non-numbered list! (Hi-5s myself)
Keep up the insane haberdashery!
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Unaltor at 4:55PM, Dec. 12, 2010
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1: Does the author pay you, or is this like community service?
2: Why do we rarely see other people?
3: Why does everyone do these in lists?
4: Where can I get some zombie insurance?
5: Why am I sleepy?
6: Is Stickman actually a superhero? He does have “man” in his name.
7: What does El Bricko Loco say?
8: You do know that Brick in Spanish is Irillo right? So El Bricko Loco's real name is El Irillo Loco…
9: Do you spam ellipsis? I do…
10: Ten is a good amount of questions right?

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