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Biz3 at 4:49AM, Nov. 14, 2008
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In the midst of all the stuff going in, I decided to kill some time and boredom on writing a ‘contact’ page for the comic. Also planning on adding a ‘Cast and Crew’ page soon-ish, just need to finish the illustrations of said cast - decided it would be better to just create a bunch of images of them from scratch, rather than cutting a few images out of the existing comic pages (that was really my original plan, that's how much of a lazy-arse I am).

Another thing is that I've considered perhaps starting a new comic. Been having an idea for a story circling in my head for a while now and wondering whether or not I should put it to some good use.

Also, merry early Christmas everyone! Began snowing over here some days ago, yay.
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