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The Winter Break, an Eraser, and an Xbox
DOUK at 8:57PM, Jan. 1, 2009
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Lots of things going on, so listen up all… five of my fans. I'm going to be updating more comics after the winter break, I'm taking a little vacation from comics and other stuff(yeah yeah too early for one but bear with me, my life is tres busy). I got an Xbox 360, so you can blame part of my vacation time on the machine. Like always, next time I'll be saying it's the man. Jeez.

On a more positive matter, there are going to be a few changes around here. Namely a new member to the previously one man team. Just call us the Army of Two!* There will be comics that feature a collaborative effort of myself and a guy known only as Eraser. The new comics will focus more on reviewing games and movies, like this was originally going to be, but I'll try to put in some gags now and then (mostly then). He's a comic fan too and I hope you greet him with open arms. I won't be jealous, go ahead. Together we'll see how this little comic business goes, getting a fanbase and trying to keep it, so do your part and pay your internet bills! Because… you know… you need it to view our comics…

To give you an idea of what will be coming up, I'll give some hints at which comics are almost done, they're in no order, but you'll get an idea of what's coming. This could be a way to trick people into reading my comic too, ya never know…

Next comics will feature:
Left4Dead, SSBB, Geometry Wars, Pokemon Series
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