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And So it Begins....
DOUK at 12:06AM, Dec. 14, 2008
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Hello hello hello, welcome to the show.

I will be your tour guide for the rest of your life, so sit back and enjoy, RATED DOUK. A comic about video games and movies that all have a special place in our hears, or our garbage cans. Watch in amazement as I offer my take on things, expose annoying little things, and generally rip on an unpopular series. Just kidding, no ripping here, just whole-hearted objective critisism. I'm a critic after all.

How was that? I plan to use that as my first blog entry. Gee I hope it works out! Isn't that smart, my test audience is my real audience! If you like it, just wipe it form your memory and read it again, this time upside-down.

On to more important things:


I will put up a forum eventually, seeing as the nature of this comic is a comedy slash critical breakdowns, I'll have to hear from you! Suggest a popular game, movie, or just a series in general, that really invokes some thought in you, and see what I can do with it. Provided I know enough about it, you will see what it is really about, or just see a critic's view on things.

If you like my comics, please check every few days, I promise to keep the Nintendo comics under control, variety is key they say. You can only use it in this dungeon though.
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