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A New Year!
Joneko at 10:30AM, Jan. 1, 2009
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It's gonna be a Happy New Yeee~ar.
*sings the Happy New Year song from RENT*

The last one ended with no one teaching me that mixing wines is almost as bad as mixing liqueurs.

Now, mixing wine with Piper depends on who you are. I mean, for some of our piper's companions I'm sure it might be lovely. Me? I made Piper characters in Rock Band and dressed them accordingly. So far so good:

wine + Piper + story-loving friend + Rock Band = good.

Then my friend left the room to field a phone call, and I was left alone with a title screen, a laptop, and natural, alcohol-induced curiosity and exhuberance.

As a result, I did manage to figure out how to get the blogs and whatnot on the front page with the comic…but in doing so undid all the formatting.

SO, we'll just hope that Rei won't strangle me when I tell her that I…ushered in a new year of change.

Resolutions anyone?
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