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Pondering chapter 3
darrell at 9:17AM, Oct. 6, 2009
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I'm getting closer and closer to finishing up chapter 2. I'm actually inking page 2 of the epilogue at the moment and have two more pages after that. So it's on to chapter 3 soon. I know I'll be taking a break from posting pages and possibly posting some teaser art for chapter 3 instead (character sketches and the odd panel or two) but I'm wondering just how long a break it will be.

On the bright side, I've already written out a skeleton for the chapter so all the issues are pretty much broken down and the first issue is already written. There will be some give and take here and there (I keep getting ideas for scenes and dialogue I want to include) but I know where it's going. The problems are:

- My “buffer” of completed pages has dwindled and I really need a break to build it back up again. Because I'd rather any delays happen between “issues” than between pages (yes, I'm still breaking up the story into issues).

- I'd really like to nail chapter 3 artistically, really put a lot more into the backgrounds and settings, but of course this takes more time.

- Character designs, I've got a few sketches down but I'd like to work on them some more, make sure I have each character down. I want them to be more consistent looking throughout the chapter. Though I have to be careful, I was reading a Marvel comic a couple weekends back and realized one of characters I designed for chapter 3 looked a lot like one of their C-level characters that I didn't even know (or at least didn't remember). So he's being redesigned.

Plus, I have other comic ideas building up that I want to get to eventually. Not sure how long they'll hold off for.

No real point to this post, just rambling.
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