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Colour my Vast- Contest Results
assortedboxofchick at 3:39PM, April 16, 2011
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This comic entry was actually done by our five year old son and a box of crayolas. He broke a few in his haste as he only had ten minutes to do it as the deadline was coming up and we only had a handful of entries. As you can see in the fifth panel, he has been quite creative with the colour of Shogun's eyeball. Wait. I've been told this isn't actually Sam who has coloured this but Larry of Barry Reviews in a ten minute blur of glory! You can do a lot with that powerful wrist and a small amount of time, dude. I love the colour flip in Shogun in panel one and panel four. Notice his fur has turned green. This is perhaps to signify that Shogun is sick and tired of Ki's advice and wants to vomit. He is so pissed off in panel five, he has gone to flat stripes.

Well done, Larry!!!! But sadly you are not a winner!!!!

Second to last is entry from Skreem! Dude, we love the kind of inky waxy watery look you have created. The blood splatter in panel one is inspirational gore we both like. Me and Hark both feel this look would be really appropriate for a wild kick ass page with all action panels, or perhaps in a flashback or dream sequence. Panel five Shogun looks really bad ass. I don't know how you got this effect, but I remember getting something similar by drawing with wax crayons and then watercolouring over the top. How did you do that???

Runner up is the entry from Niccea. I really like your bold colours, which are true to the feel of the comic. Your bushes in foreground panel one are really cool, with the highlights of brighter green. Your action background with the ‘smeary’ trees adds to the action. Well done on Ki's textured feathers, especially in panel three.
Hope you weren't in a panic about the deadline. We took ages at our meal. (5 hours later we got home!!!–living without a car takes extra planning!)

Last, but first is RPGGrenade's entry. You are a whiz at shading. You seem to have appointed a light source and stuck with it. I especially like panel two as the characters really stand out in the foreground and seem to be 3D. I also appreciate that the backgrounds are more faded which brings the characters of importance to the foreground. My technique is obviously different (bold foreground and bold background divided by white outlining of the main characters) but I think your technique works really well. I have noticed Shogun's eye in panel five. Well done on the fur and the feathers.

Thanks guys for colouring this post for me! I have declared Easter break my two weeks off for the year and have been able to don breathing mask and goggles to insulate our attic!!!!…and other assorted relaxing things I couldn't have done otherwise…gardening and lying around on my ass having a good rest! I'm sorry if you guys have been really busy getting last minute college work in (before Spring Break, etc.) But your efforts have been really really appreciated! Plus it's really cool to see Harkovast coloured differently! Now I'm off to do more insulation and perhaps skive out of it instead and watch Rocky Horror Picture Show. One should probably watch it once a year, dammit Janet!!!!
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harkovast at 9:50AM, May 3, 2011
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Here is the original of the Harkovast page Wordweaver coloured-

Pretty snazzy!

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