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New Colouring Style
assortedboxofchick at 12:21PM, Dec. 26, 2010
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I'm trying to type this out as our daughter who is two in a half is jumping out of bed as quickly as she is being put in it and feel like we're stuck in an episode of Nanny 911 without the helpful British nanny. My husband is sorting it, but he's just an English furry denier not quite a nanny. (See Fur Affinity.com)

Recipe for a nice hot holiday drink:
Quite a bit of orange juice
The same amount of apple juice
four small cinnamon sticks
a bit of cranberry juice if you have it
Put in crock pot on low or large pot and heat with lid off so the smell floats through the house pleasantly covering up the stink of burnt sprouts and wee pants. Some people call it hot cider, or mulled wine. Either has no alcohol.
But you could enhance if with booze if you enjoy seeing your five year old drunk.

I am desperate to try a new colouring style and think I may be close to getting my way. First of all, we are doing our work on new textured pencil art paper (not 99 cent Wal-Mart computer paper) But you haven't seen it yet because whilst Vast is now drawing on the new stuff (he says it's too smudgy)I am still stuck with the last bits o crap.

Change topic:
I am gnawing at the bit to draw on black paper. It makes the vibrant prismacolors really look amazing. http://www.drunkduck.com/Harkovast/index.php?p=636538 That isn't black paper but I had to colour it in black pencil loads and though this is pre good scanner you can imagine the contrast and the colours will look pretty damn good! Vast says we will utilize this new look soon when seeing the world through somebody/lots of bodies perspective/perspectives. Can you guess whose?

That said, also, I vow never to do over saturated rich backgrounds EVER again if he continues to mar my work with dialogue! The wanker! Sometimes I have to tell him ‘don’t cover that tree with words or I will never colour for you again! I like that tree!' Example:
http://www.drunkduck.com/Harkovast/index.php?p=776232 Panel six: shit! he covered the tree! I loved that tree! Remind me never to let a tiger talk again! (I loved colouring tigers!)
So I'm going to try a new background style to see if I can stretch myself to colour pencils lightly as they are supposed to be done. I forgot to do it last posting but it will be coming up. It's only because I'm afraid to colour like Raymond Briggs (Snowman) and leave any white bits showing. I told Vast one day I will be 72 and maybe arthritic and should thus plan for such and realize maybe when I am 72 (and Vast is 64) I should probably want to colour in a soft style without pain. And if we are colouring still when I am 72 it should maybe be a spinoff of Harkovast or possibly Butch Bloke. (Ha! ask Hark about Butch Bloke and I reckon he'll have to tell you some time!)
Bye for now.
The baby is still crying! I am going to go give her a cuddle. Or possibly some hot drink!
Mrs. Vast

update: I have tried to do the soft pencil backgrounds and the difference is huge so we are going to go slowly slowly on this possible change as not to shock the Mr Vast system!
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