First Installation Plus Intro. LET'S TORTURE!
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Let’s Torture!-Number One
So, you’re one of those freaks that like having buttloads of information poured onto you all at one time?
This is the first installation for familiarizing yourself with the world of Triple Torture/The Crescent and The Star. You will be expected to have an 8th grade understanding of Physics and Biology. A fair warning, there may be spoilers. This first part is dedicated to getting to know the Angels themselves and part of their system. We’ll start with some 3T Jargon:
Angel- The second form of being created by the god Y—, preceded by the Aeons. They are composed of ethereal (undefined) matter. Because they are made of an undefined substance, they can change their appearance and composition at will, which is often a beautified human-like appearance due to conformity. All angels have at least one pair of wings, typically birds’ with the second most common being of insect. They can draw their wings in or out at will by the same methods of implementing undefined matter. Angels are immortal, and can only be killed by unmaking, a knowledge which only Y— and Arch Gabriel possess. The sex and genders of Angels is indeterminate, though an Angel may have a more dominant male/female appearance depending on lifestyle, preference, or circumstances of creation. All first and second generation Angels possess both functioning male and female reproductive organs, making them true Hermaphrodites. Third generation Angels possess both types of organs, but only one kind will be functioning. Though they can will undefined matter, they do not typically engage in any type of cellular reproduction exceeding twice the normal rate of humans because it is stressful; meaning… Yes, they can regenerate when wounded, but it will not happen instantly like with Wolverine.
Undefined Matter- Ethereal matter, ethereal beings can manipulate undefined matter. Unlike defined matter, undefined matter has no set properties and is infinite where occurring naturally (That would be Heaven and other such spiritual kingdoms, especially those of Gods). Undefined matter can occupy in the same space and time as other matter. Undefined matter can be created and destroyed. Undefined matter doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Physics.
Defined Matter- You know, normal matter. Ethereal beings can manipulate defined matter by rearranging the particles to take on a new, temporary form. They mostly implement this when taking on an avatar form when visiting Earth. The defined matter’s substance will return to its original state once the being that first willed it to change its form releases its will (typically when the being parts from Earth) or another being of a stronger will takes hold (For Example, when Gabriel accidentally runs into Lucy in Atila’s home, Gabriel wants to leave by releasing the will he has on his solid body therefore releasing his essence to return home, but Lucifer’s will is stronger so Gabriel in consequence does not leave). Defined matter has set properties (unless temporarily altered by an ethereal being) and is finite. Matter cannot occupy in the same space and time as other matter. Defined matter cannot be created nor destroyed. No matter what undefined matter’s feelings are on the subject, Physics is Law.
Unmaking- Only applicable to undefined matter. Occurs when one’s will overrides another’s conscious will to prolong existence. One cannot unmake oneself (One’s will must exist to destroy the will of desired unmaking. To un-will one’s own will would be paradoxical). Where 3T starts off, only Y— and Gabriel know how to conduct unmaking. Physical contact while both parties are in Ethereal form is required. The will of the unmaker must be greater than the will of the victim.
Bene-ha-Elohim- Means “Sons of God” in Hebrew, I often shorten this to just Elohim, meaning “God”, which is incorrect usage but it more than likely always makes sense in context. The Elohim encompasses all Angels who are still in favor of Y— and have not been forsaken. All Elohim reside in Heaven. All Elohim are Angels, but not all Angels are Elohim.
Demons- Angels who have lost favor of Y— or have been forsaken. All Demons are Angels, not all Angels are Demons. Forget what pop culture has taught you, Angels do not change species or form when they are forsaken. They do not spontaneously turn red and grow horns and get all ugly. If a demon looks that way, he has always looked that way. Some Bene-ha-Elohim are red, or have horns, or are ugly; it doesn’t mean they are demons, that’s just their appearance.
Apostate- Demons who have chosen to turn their loyalty to Lucifer Sammael Morningstar, either before or after their fall. Most Apostates reside in Pandemonium or one of its sister cities. All Apostates are Demons, but not all Demons are Apostates. Think of this as more of a Political Party.
Making Angels
An Angel can be given life one of two ways, Let’s Review:
1) Design by a God
2) Sex
Method One:
An Angel Designed by a God will be referred to as a ‘First Generation’ Angel. First Generation Angels are immortal unless unmade and true hermaphrodites.
Here’s an Example: Let’s Make a Gabriel!
To make an Angel, a God needs undefined matter. Not to worry, there’s an infinite amount of it! Firstly, the God defines the undefined matter through his will, something any being can do. This gives the Angel its fundamental shape. Because this God has a lot of experience making Angels, making this fundamental shape is easy for him, though the initial design may have taken millions of years to create. Think of the fundamental design as the part of your genes that makes you human and not any other species, and the next part being what makes you YOU, and not any other human being.

Angels have DNA, but it’s simpler than human DNA because they are MUCH more primitive designs (Author Comment: I can see how that previous statement can lead you on to think that this is a Creationist Theory story. Don’t worry, it’s not. I just thought I’d clear that up right now). The DNA of Angels deteriorates through generations, making them not very ideal for sexual reproduction. Human DNA is much more refined than Angelic DNA, making them ideal for reproduction.
The God polishes up the rest of his Angel’s characteristics. We can see that that he has given Gabriel blue hair, black eyes, and a plump figure. Every feature of Gabriel is molded by hand; this is a tedious process.
Gabriel is nearly finished, he just needs to be brought to life, but God isn’t finished with his design yet. Gabriel is going to be the first Angelic twin in the design of Azrael. The genetic pallet for Gabriel is copied onto another fundamental angelic design, and Azrael is made through the same process as Gabriel. Just like human twins, they will grow different personalities through encountering different experiences. Once an Angel is given life, he acquires will, allowing him to shape himself from then on out. Gabriel, as he becomes older, will become more feminine, and Azrael will turn for a more social life style. The final step now is to give the Angels life, which is done by God breathing in their first breath. The Angel’s breath is the center point of their existence, and without it they will disintegrate into nothing. Gabriel and Azrael are now living Angels with their own will, born as fully grown adults.

Method Two:
Because living tissue of undefined matter does not perish unless interfered with (i.e. wounding); First, Second, and Third(depending) Generation Angels will not experience menstruation periods, but rather constantly beholding an egg within themselves ready to be fertilized. Eggs can be produced if needed, also because of undefined matter. Ovulation first takes place at puberty for Second + Generations, and upon creation for First, and about 2 weeks after laying, if any.
Angels who are made by reproducing are Generations Two through Four. Generation is traced through the generation of an Angel’s mother. Two main things happen to the following generation when he is born. Firstly, because they are not designed by a God, they are imperfectly designed and are no longer immortal. Immortality, however, can be passed on through the breast milk of a First Generation mother or nursemaid in the first few months after hatching. Third Generation Angels are born by Second Generation Mothers, and are mortal unless a First Generation nursemaid is hired. Second is an Angel’s sex and gender. A First Generation Angel is a true hermaphrodite with functioning organs, though he may show more masculine or feminine properties. A Second Generation Angel is also a true hermaphrodite, but will show a much clearer masculine/feminine resemblance. A Third Generation will have both organ types, but only one type will function. They will also show more significant resemblance. A Fourth Generation Angel will have both organ types, but neither can function.
Here’s an Example: Let’s Make a Lucifer!

This is Dawn and Dusky. They just JAFKJDSI’d. There are strict mating rituals that Angels (Yes, even demons… especially since they are the main ones engaging anyhow) follow when they have their first mating encounter. However, these customs have not yet been set at the point in time in which these two FJJIOFDSFS’d, so we won’t worry about that right now. Demons will ISFOFNEN often because they’ve got nothing holding them back. Bene ha Elohim will only mate when given special permission from their Father, and will usually only mate once. Dawn and Dusky are both First Generation Angels, so their child will be a Second Generation. Over many moons (or rather, 3 to be exact) Dusky’s pregnant belly will swell to a full, round shape. Over this time our new parents will instinctively start building a nest.

After the three months have passed, Dusky will lay a single-clutch: a soft-shell egg (So that it may pass through his legs more easily. In the hour after it is laid, the eggs shell will harden around for protection. Dusky and Dawn will share roles of keeping the egg warm in its nest and caring for each other. After an incubation period of 15 weeks, the baby angel hatches. When an Angel is born, each parent will give the child a name. The name his father gives will be used by his father and most anyone else. The name received from the mother usually only is used by the mother. A surname, if any, will be inherited from the child’s father. Typically, both names are of Hebrew origin and will end in “El”, meaning God. Dawn disrespects his Father, however, and thus chooses to name his son with a name of Latin origin: Lucifer, “Light Bringer”. Dusky also disrespects his Father, but in a more timid way, so his name will be in Hebrew, but it will have a disgraceful meaning: Sammael, “Poison of God”. Lucifer will grow at the same rate as a human would until he reaches adulthood. Lucifer will start his fledgling period at about 6-8 years old. When he starts puberty, he will start to show more masculine characteristics.
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